6 Amazing Grapeseed Oil Benefits On Your Skin

6 Amazing Grapeseed Oil Benefits On Your Skin

The increasing use of facial oil in today’s beauty industry has created an overwhelming variety of oils to choose from. We have coconut oils, tea tree oils, jojoba oil, castor oil and so much more.

Oils for hair, oils for skin, oils for food (yes, we need that for good food!) Oh wait, we’re talking about skin care oils right? Ok sorry strayed a bit, now back to topic!

We definitely do not recommend using cooking oil as any of your skincare products. When it comes to skin care, out of all the facial oils out there,  there is one special oil that stands out among the rest and that is grapeseed oil (you can actually cook with this too but we’ll save this for another day!) Stay with us to find out more about these wonderful grapeseed oil benefits (for your skin, of course).

First and foremost, what is grapeseed oil made from? 

Here’s a little fun fact – grapeseed oil is actually a byproduct from winemaking. The leftover seeds from the grapes during the winemaking are collected and crushed to extract this precious oil. When it comes to cosmetic purposes, cold-pressed extractions are the best. This is because they are not heated in any way and they get to maintain their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

So what makes the grapeseed oil so special? Let’s take a look!

Light and easily absorbed by skin

Say no more to that annoying sticky and greasy feeling on your skin. When it comes to grapeseed oil you won’t ever need to worry about that. Its lightweight texture allows the skin to quickly absorb it on first contact, making it one of the best quick-drying oils.

Manages acne well

Grapeseed oil is different from essential oils in a sense that it is extracted from the fatty parts (yes these are good fats that we want!) of the plant while essential oils are from the non-fatty parts. These fatty parts contain the very important linoleic acid that is vital in controlling acne. These omega-6 fatty acids decrease the clogging of pores and helps balance your natural oil content. Apart from that, its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties works great in reducing breakouts as well, perfect for combating acne

kolinaizal using CALM Treatment Focus Oil

Aizal finds grapeseed oil combats her premenstrual acne very well!

Protection from harmful free radicals

Free radicals are the results of chemical processes, such as pollution, UV sunlight and even something as simple as metabolism. They are all around us and are associated with aging and gradual cell damage. One of the best counter for free radicals are antioxidants, something that can be found in grapeseed oil. The nutritious values such as vitamin C and vitamin E can help protect against these free radical damages resulting in smoother and firmer looking skin.

Moisturizes and balances skin

Remember the linoleic acid in grapeseed oil? Yes it’s that fatty acid again that will help balance up the oily and dry patches on any skin. It prevents the skin from losing moisture while at the same time strengthening the skin barrier for smoother and softer skin. Even if you have oily skin, this fatty acid will keep your skin moisturized thus sending a signal to your skin not to produce as much oil as it usually would. So as contradicting as this sounds, using more oil can actually help your skin be less oily.

Reduces skin inflammation

The linoleic acid is really a hardworking worker because once again we see it at work in reducing and controlling inflammation on the top and middle layer of our skin. Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis will benefit well from this due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Grapeseed oils also consist of a substance called the phytosterols that control our skin’s inflammatory responses.

Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Using grapeseed oil on your skin is also beneficial in the long run as it can reduce the development of wrinkles. It may even reverse the signs of aging by minimizing fine lines and sun spots. Consistent grapeseed oil users can say goodbye to premature aging! A very good investment for the future.

In conclusion, we can now see why the grapeseed oil stands out as one of the best beauty and cosmetic oils to use in the industry. The lightweight texture allows for easy absorption. It works great as an acne fighter, protects skin from free radicals while at the same time moisturizes and balances dry and oily skin. It also reduces inflammation and finally keeps our skin looking young and firm! (read more about grapeseed oil benefits).

The good news here is that Herbbies uses grapeseed oil as the main carrier oil in all our products. Our grapeseed oil is harvested from organic and top quality sources, we ensure that only the best is given to you. So wait no more and start reaping all these grapeseed oil benefits from Herbbies today!

Facial & Body Oil Bundle
Herbbies uses grapeseed oil as the main carrier oil in all our products.

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