Facial Eczema Care Set


Don’t let visible eczema on your face ruin your festive celebration. Whether it be eyelid eczema or lips eczema, this Eczema Face Festive Care Set has your sensitive skin covered.

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Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser

What’s it for?

Eczema on Eyelid, Cheeks, Lips

This Eczema Face Festive Care Set is suitable for anyone with eczema primarily on their face, i.e. eyelid eczema, lips eczema, or eczema on cheeks etc.

This festive care set contains the following items:

  1. Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser
  2. HEAL Facial & Body Oil
  3. HEAL Treatment Focus Oil
  4. Selected Mugwort Eczema Balm
    – Mugwort Anti Itch Eczema Balm or(&)
    – Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm

*Note: If your primary concern is around eyelids and lips, Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm is more suitable and safer for these delicate skin areas because of its mint free formula.

Cleanse, Moisturise, Heal

How to Use

Cleanse, Moisturise, & Heal

We suggest a 3 step skincare routine for eczema at face area.

  1. Cleansing – Cleanse your face with our gentle Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser. Rinse with clear water and make sure no soap residue on your face.
  2. Moisturising – Moisturise your face with HEAL Facial & Body Oil that is with natural infusion of mugwort and lightweight grapeseed oil. 2-3 drops are sufficient for the whole face area.
  3. Deep Healing – Heal your eczema with selected mugwort eczema balm. For eyelids and lips, use Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm – it can be used as lip balm.

For other skin areas, i.e. cheeks, nose, you may use Mugwort Anti Itch Eczema Balm which helps to soothe your itchy skin at the same time too.

Herbs for Healthy Skin


Malaysia Locally Sourced Herbs

Our products are made by natural healing benefits of Malaysia locally sourced herbs. These include mugwort, peppermint, thuja leaf, camellia seed. Apart from this, we use only plant-based ingredients and beeswax in our products. No harshness, no artificial fragrance, and not even a single drop of essential oils in it. This is to ensure our products are free from any potential irritants that might irritate any form of sensitive skin.


You may refer to each product page for the complete ingredient list of each product.

Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser

HEAL Facial & Body Oil

HEAL Treatment Focus Oil

Mugwort Anti Itch Eczema Balm

Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm

Baby & Mummy

We Have Dedicated Baby & Mummy Care

For newborn babies and pregnant women, we have a dedicated care set that is bundled up specifically for you – Eczema Baby & Mummy Festive Care Set. Each product that is selected in the care set is suitable and safe for babies and women who are currently pregnant.

Sustainability & Meaningful Gifting

We place sustainability closely to our heart. Hence we design the festive care set with mindful selection of sustainable packaging – a canvas bag you can always reuse to pack your personal belongings, whether it be during grocery shopping, restocking your dried foods and grains when visiting zero waste store, the creativity is yours.

In addition, we wish to deliver a gift set that is meaningful and thoughtful. The leather tag that allows for message and blessing engraving carries our gifting philosophy.

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