Gentle Lip Balm Christmas Gift Set


The perfect way to keep your lips soft, smooth, and festive this holiday season. This set includes four nourishing lip balms with natural ingredients and delightful holiday flavours, like Gromwell Root and Ginger Spice. Beautifully packaged and perfect for gifting, it’s a thoughtful way to bring comfort and joy to your lips this Christmas. Make you smile with every nourishing application.

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What’s it for?

Ensure your lips stay velvety, sleek, and in high spirits throughout the holiday season with this ideal set. Comprising four enriching lip balms crafted from natural ingredients, it features delightful holiday flavours such as Gromwell Root and Ginger Spice.

Elegantly packaged and ideal for gifting, this collection offers a considerate means to bring cheer and contentment to your lips this Christmas, promising to brighten your day with each nourishing application.

Sensation: Smooth nourishing creamy sensation.

Scent: Herbaceous scent from each respective herb (Ginger – spicy, Mugwort – matcha-like herbaceous scent, Gromwell root – slightly sour plum-alike natural herbaceous scent, Goji berry – natural sweet scent).

Content: 8g each.


4 lip balm and Gentle Lip Balm Gift Set box

How to Use

Using Herbbies gentle lip balm is a simple yet effective process to keep your lips moisturised and soft. Start by ensuring your lips are clean and dry. Push the bottom of the lip balm tube to expose a small amount of the product.

Gently apply the balm to your lips, starting from the centre and moving outward.

Glide the balm evenly across both the upper and lower lips, ensuring full coverage.

You can reapply as needed throughout the day, especially in dry weather.

For optimal results, use the lip balm as part of your daily skincare routine, and enjoy the soothing sensation it brings to your lips.


herbs and lip balm


Our lip balm boasts a thoughtfully curated blend of natural herbs including Gromwell Root, Ginger Spice, Goji Berry, and our beloved Mugwort.

Each ingredient is chosen for its beneficial and therapeutic properties for dry, chapped, and sensitive lips. Free from harmful chemicals, every chosen ingredient works harmoniously to create a soothing and delightful lip care experience.


Baby & Mummy

Our lip balm is specially crafted with a gentle blend of natural ingredients, making it completely safe for pregnant women and newborns. Free from harmful chemicals, it provides soothing hydration without any potential risks. This carefully formulated balm is ideal for the delicate skin of mothers and their little ones, ensuring both safety and comfort.


Empowering local communities

We source our peppermint from local farms at Cameron Highlands, Pahang. In addition, our Mugwort in this Anti-Itch Mugwort Balm is from a local farm that is located at Selangor. By sourcing our herbs locally, we reduce carbon emission as well as empowering local communities that provide us the herbs.

We donate certain percentage of our profit to Sekolah Khas Klang to support education funding of special kids. You may also extend the goodwill together with us by purchasing a handwoven basket made by special kids from Sekolah Khas Klang, or make donation in any amount during checkout.

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