Head to Toe Eczema Care Set


From hair wash, face care, to body deep healing, this Head to Toe Eczema Care Set provides deep healing from head to toe of eczema prone skin.

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Head to Toe Eczema Care which cares for every part of you with eczema-prone skin.

For Hair & Scalp

Thuja & Camellia Shampoo Bar – Complete your scalp cleansing routine with this Thuja & Camellia Shampoo Bar. Unlike other commercial shampoo bars which are made with sodium based ingredients, Herbbies Thuja & Camellia Shampoo bar is naturally derived. Filled with therapeutic benefits of natural thuja and camellia seed, this shampoo bar is made from plant oil combination and necessary saponification only. 

Thuja Hairwash Powder – With 100% natural camellia seed and thuja leaves, Thuja Hairwash Powder gently cleanses dirt, oils, and unwanted scalp dead cells. The gentle cleansing process helps to get rid of accumulated silicone from previous commercial shampoo use. 

Thuja Scalp Oil – Deep repair your scalp psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff with this Thuja Scalp Oil. Naturally infused with thuja and mugwort leaves, this Thuja Scalp Oil restores scalp health. 

For Face

Mugwort Soap – Filled with the benefits of olive oil and Mugwort, cleanses your face and body gently without a dry stripping feeling.

HEAL Facial & Body Oil – Moisturise your skin with a layer of Mugwort infused oil. With only two ingredients – Mugwort and grapeseed oil, this facial & body oil protects your skin from external allergens.

HEAL Treatment Focus Oil – Treat the eczema on your face with HEAL Treatment Focus Oil or use it as a spot corrector to provide deep repair over the eczema on your face.⁠

For Body

Anti-Itch Mugwort Soothing & Treatment Balm – Filled with the benefits of Mugwort and peppermint, this balm is the perfect balm to treat the eczema on your body. We do not recommend this for any face eczema because the cooling effects of peppermint might irritate your eyes.⁠

After Itch Soothing Mist – Soothe your skin itch immediately with this soothing mist. It can cover large skin areas by spraying all over it. It works as 1. Itch reliever for eczema (especially during night time when itch flares are serious!), 2. Soother after shaving or hair removal, 3. Natural bug repellent.


How to Use

For Hair & Scalp

Step 1 (Optional only when stronger cleansing is needed): Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly with water. Rub Thuja & Camellia Shampoo Bar across your scalp and hair for a nice lathering, massage your scalp and rinse with clear water. This step is only necessary during days you need stronger cleansing (i.e. after working out, hiking, active activity).

Step 2: Cleanse your scalp with Thuja & Camellia Hairwash Powder. Dissolve the hairwash powder with warm water and pour on your scalp. Massage with fingertips and rinse away the hairwash powder with clear water. This step is recommended for daily cleansing, and after shampoo bar.

Step 3: Deep repair sensitive scalp conditions (scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema, dandruff) with Thuja Scalp Oil. Just roll on Thuja Scalp Oil at the area with conditions, tap gently to facilitate absorption.

For Face & Body Cleansing

Step 1: Cleanse with Mugwort Natural Handmade Soap. The soap cleanses your face and body skin.

For Face

Step 2: Moisturise the whole face area with HEAL Facial & Body Oil. It works similarly to facial oil / serum, providing protection from external allergens.

Step 3: Deep repair eczema around lips and eyes area with HEAL Treatment Focus Oil. Gently roll on and tap to facilitate absorption.

For Body

Step 4: Moisturise the whole skin area (e.g. whole arm skin area) with HEAL Facial & Body Oil, as a replacement of body lotion.

Step 5: Deep heal body eczema with Mugwort Anti Itch Balm. Apply a generous amount of Mugwort Anti Itch Balm to targeted skin areas with eczema / psoriasis.

Step 6: Relieve skin itch by spraying After Itch Soothing Mist to itchy skin area. Avoid eyes and face area when spraying as After Itch Soothing Mist contains peppermint which irritates eyes.



Each product in the care set contains different ingredients, with Mugwort herb and Thuja herb (for hair & scalp care) as the key ingredients to deep heal eczema and psoriasis symptoms.

Thuja & Camellia Shampoo Bar: Camellia oleifera seed (Camellia seed), Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), Thuja standishii (Thuja), Camellia oleifera Oil (Camellia oil), Ricinus communis (Castor Oil), Oryza Sativa Bran (Rice Bran Oil), Cocos Nucifera(Coconut Oil), Lye (NaOH, for saponification process).

Thuja & Camellia Hairwash Powder: Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), Thuja standishii (Thuja), Camellia oleifera seed (Camellia seed).

Thuja Scalp Oil: Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), Thuja standishii (Thuja), Camellia oleifera seed (Camellia seed), Camellia oleifera Oil (Camellia oil), Vitis vinifera (Grape seed oil).

Mugwort Natural Handmade Soap: Natural Mugwort leaf, olive oil, pure water, castor oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, palm oil, cedarwood essential oil, Lye (for saponification purpose).

HEAL Facial & Body Oil: Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), Vitis vinifera (grapeseed oil).

HEAL Treatment Focus Oil: Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), Vitis vinifera(grapeseed oil), Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil), Persea gratissima (avocado oil), Gymnema sylvestre (aloe oil).

Mugwort Anti Itch Balm: Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), Mentha piperita (peppermint), Vitis vinifera (grapeseed oil), Cera alba (beeswax), Mentha arvensis(menthol).

After Itch Soothing Mist: 98% Mentha piperita hydrosol (Peppermint hydrosol), 2% plant-based oil combination (Mentha piperita – Peppermint infused grapeseed oil, Vernonia amygdalina – Vernonia leaf infused grapeseed oil, Mentha arvensis – menthol, > 0.5 % Juniperus virginiana – cedarwood essential oil).


Baby & Mummy

Mugwort Natural Handmade Soap, HEAL Facial & Body Oil, and HEAL Treatment Focus Oil are 100% safe for both newborn babies and pregnant women. Mugwort Anti Itch Balm is only safe when applied on occasion, and After Itch Soothing Mist is not for newborn babies.


Empowering local communities

We source our peppermint from local farms at Cameron Highlands, Pahang. In addition, our Vernonia leaf in this After Itch Soothing Mist is from a local farm that is located at Selangor. By sourcing our herbs locally, we reduce carbon emission as well as empowering local communities that provide us the herbs.

We donate a certain percentage of our profit to Sekolah Khas Klang to support education funding for special kids. You may also extend the goodwill together with us by purchasing a handwoven basket made by special kids from Sekolah Khas Klang, or make a donation in any amount during checkout.

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