Thuja & Camellia Hairwash Powder


Get rid of your scalp eczema and sensitive scalp with this gentle Camellia Seed & Thuja Hair Wash Powder. Rooted from ancient hair care wisdoms of China Sichuan Yao Aboriginal Tribe, camellia seed and thuja are bloomed together for healthy and lustrous hair.

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Yao tribal people are well known for their healthy, lustrous looking hair, their secret to their hair care routine is frequent use of camellia seed to cleanse their scalp and hair.

Without harsh chemical additives from chemical shampoo (i.e. silicone-based surfactant, parabens, synthetic fragrance), Yao tribal people’s daily camellia seed hair care is natural yet great to keep our hair healthy.

Camellia seed exfoliates scalp gently, cleanses oil and dirt gently from scalp and hair, yet retains natural protection layer. With this natural protection layer of camellia seed, it helps to restore scalp health, and also healthier fuller hair.

Suitable for: Scalp eczema, scalp psoriasis, hair loss due to sensitive scalp, dry scalp with serious dandruff, dry & flaky scalp with itch.

Sensation: Powder with chocolatey scent from camellia seed and grassy scent from thuja leaves.

Content: 350ml. Approximately 30-50 use, depending on your hair length and usage pattern.


How to Use

Place around 5-10g of hair wash powder in small container and add warm water to shake it well. Pour the dissolved hair wash powder liquid on scalp evenly, and massage your scalp using finger gently for at least 3-5 minutes. This allows camellia seed powder to fully dissolve oil and dirt on your scalp. Do not rub your hair as this creates extra friction and might cause hair to tangle. Wash away hair wash powder thoroughly using clear water. Excessive hair wash powder might still retain on scalp / hair after cleansing, it can be easily removed using comb and hair dryer.

Note: You may experience a transition period when you first switch to natural shampoo bar and hair wash powder to cleanse your hair. During this transition period, you may have a waxy feeling on your hair as your hair is going through expelling period to clear chemical additive (i.e. SLS, Silicone-based surfactant) accumulated in the past. After 7-14 days, you will notice fresher scalp and smoother hair texture.

Caution: Always lower your head to avoid contact with eyes area, as camellia seed can be stimulating to eyes. Wash thoroughly with clear water if any contact happens.

We recommend to only use this hair wash powder to cleanse your scalp during normal days, and pair it up with Thuja & Camellia Shampoo Bar when stronger cleansing is needed (e.g. exercise days / heavy sweating days). This helps scalp to retain natural protection layer and to promote more efficient scalp skin rejuvenation.



Camellia Seed

Camellia seed is widely used across East Asian Countries (i.e. China, Taiwan, Japan) in their daily culinary and skincare practice. Camellia seed oil is used in cooking and skincare, whereas the seed shell is ground into powder.

Camellia seed power is rich in natural saponin, it creates bubble naturally upon contact with water and air. Yao tribal people from China Sichuan province use camellia seed powder to cleanse their hair on a daily basis. Their healthy, lustrous looking hair is the results of this traditional hair care secret that modern society has missed.

Thuja Leaf

In Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdoms, hair loss and unhealthy scalp are often the results of imbalance kidney system. Thuja leaf is the herb often prescribed by practitioner to replenish kidney energy and blood system, as well as to restore healthy hair volume and scalp.

Ingredients list: Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), Thuja standishii (Thuja), Camellia oleifera seed (Camellia seed).


Baby & Mummy

This Camellia Seed & Thuja Hair Wash Powder is 100% safe for newborn baby and pregnant women. Its 100% natural content is a better hair wash option than over the counter chemical shampoo.

However, washing properties of camellia seed make it stimulating for eyes. Always practice caution to avoid contact with eyes, especially for new-born baby.  Rinse thoroughly with clear water if any contact happens.


Best With

Thuja & Camellia Shampoo Bar

Just had a heavy sweating day? Pair your hair wash powder with Thuja & Camellia Shampoo Bar for a deeper cleansing. It cleanses your scalp without stripping off excessive natural protection, which is vital for scalp rejuvenation.

Mugwort & Thuja Scalp Oil

Repair your sensitive scalp with this Mugwort & Thuja Scalp Oil. Naturally infused with mugwort and thuja leaf, Mugwort & Thuja Scalp Oil moisturises your dry & flaky scalp, also deep heals scalp eczema, psoriasis, and serious dandruff.

Just roll on this Mugwort & Thuja Scalp Oil to the scalp area where needed.

After Itch Soothing Mist

Excessive scratching to itchy slows down scalp healing process. Peppermint-based After Itch Soothing Mist provides quick and long-lasting itch relief by just a few sprays.

Recommended hair and scalp care routine:

  1. Cleanse with Thuja & Camellia Shampoo Bar for deeper cleansing of scalp and hair. You may skip this step if light cleansing is sufficient for the day (i.e. no heavy sweating normal days).
  2. Further cleanse with Thuja & Camellia Seed Hair Wash Powder. This step is important to get rid of WAXY feeling some people might have after using shampoo bar.
  3. Deep repair scalp with Mugwort & Thuja Scalp Oil, just roll on the treatment oil on your scalp where the skin condition at (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, dryness and flakiness).
  4. Manage itchy skin with After Itch Soothing Mist, spray on the scalp area where itch flares. Avoid eyes and face area as its peppermint content irritates eyes.

You can get the whole hair care routine set at here.


Empowering local communities

We source our peppermint from local farms at Cameron Highlands, Pahang. In addition, our Mugwort in this Anti-Itch Mugwort Balm is from a local farm that is located at Selangor. By sourcing our herbs locally, we reduce carbon emission as well as empowering local communities that provide us the herbs.

We donate certain percentage of our profit to Sekolah Khas Klang to support education funding of special kids. You may also extend the goodwill together with us by purchasing a handwoven basket made by special kids from Sekolah Khas Klang, or make donation in any amount during checkout.


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