Facial & Body Oil Mini Trio

Skincare on the go!


Get your skin pampered even on the go! This Facial & Body Oil Mini Trio has Facial & Body Oils from 3 different product series, allows you to carry them in light weight wherever you are.

You can also try and mix the 3 different Facial & Body Oil to match your skincare needs.


This Facial & Body Oil Mini Trio has 3 Facial & Body Oils from 3 different product series of Herbbies. Infused with different key herbs in grapeseed oil, Herbbies Facial & Body Oils are lightweight, easy to absorb, non-sticky, and perfect for sensitive skin.

1.HEAL Facial & Body Oil – Infused with raw Mugwort leaves, for eczema and psoriasis.

2.CARE Facial & Body Oil – Infused with raw Vernonia leaves, for skin rash, redness, and irritation.

3.CALM Facial & Body Oil – Infused with raw Mulberry leaves and raw lavender bud, for acne, acne scar, and dark spots.

✓ Suitable as starter kit and travel skincare kit.
✓ Suitable for sensitive skin types.
✓ Suitable for face and body.
✓ Does not clog pore.
✓ Non-greasy.
✓ Easily absorbed by skin.
✓ No animal testing, no cruelty.
✓ Safe for pregnant woman, breastfeeding woman, and kid aged 3 and above.
✓ No parabens, no artificial addictive, no harsh chemical derivative.
✓ 100% vegan with all plant-based ingredients.

Key Ingredients

HEAL Facial & Body Oil – Mugwort leaf

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), mugwort is widely used to reduce skin inflammation, to detoxify skin, as well as to improve immunity.


TCM practitioners often prescribe mugwort as part of their bath herb and skin oil remedy, for eczema and psoriasis patients.


Mugwort is also a common herb in new-born’s daily shower bath herb.


Ingredient list: Grapeseed oil, organic mugwort leaf.



CARE Facial & Body Oil – Vernonia Leaf

Vernonia Amygdalina, as known as South Africa Leaf or Nan Fei Ye as Malaysians local name it. Vernonia Amygdalina is typically consumed orally by local Malaysians, for its anti-cancerial properties and therapeutic effect on metabolic syndrome.


Ingredient list: Grapeseed oil, organic Vernonia Amygdalina leaf, cedarwood essential oil.


CALM Facial & Body Oil – Mulberry Leaf

Mulberry leaf is typically used to ease metabolic syndrome, particular diabetes and body inflammation. It is also topically used on skin to clear acne and other skin conditions.


Ingredient list: Grapeseed oil, organic mulberry leaf, lavender bud.


How to use

Get 3-4 drops Facial & Body Oil on palm. Rub palms together to heat up the oil. Apply on face as moisturizer.

Repeat the same procedure for other affected skin areas on your body. Apply at least twice a day, preferably after washing your face or a shower.

You may also use jade face roller together with these Facial & Body Oils.


One bottle of HEAL Facial & Body Oil, CARE Facial & Body Oil, CALM Facial & Body Oil in 5 ml respectively, with glass packaging.

Best with

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