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Treating Your Skin by Treating Your Mind
Just as how an outburst of acne can be caused by stress or hormonal imbalance, eczema and psoriasis flares could also be a result of any hidden emotional causes.
Managing Stress With Psoriasis
Even realizing that you have psoriasis can trigger stress and put this whole situation into a vicious cycle. Being stressed because of the flare ups and these stress in turn causes more flare ups. Therefore we must try to put this cycle to an end! Here are some home …
5 Simple Natural Remedies To Prevent Itchy and Dry Skin In Kids
It is common for children to have dry skin. In fact some babies might even have it right after birth. A lot of other things can contribute to dry skin in children, such as bathing too often, the weather, humidity and even certain genetic diseases like eczema or having …
Eczema Bullying in School – How to Protect Kids with Eczema
Eczema doesn't affect kids' skin health, but it is also carries higher risk of being bullied, particularly in school. Several steps can be taken to manage this.
Side Effects Of Using Steroid On Your Skin
Steroids are often used as of treatment in eczema and psoriasis. Although steroid acts fast and effectively, it carries side effects if not used properly.

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