Why Natural Skincare Product is Better for Your Skin, and also is Better for Your Health?

Why Natural Skincare Product is Better for Your Skin, and also is Better for Your Health?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. As the largest organ, it has lot of responsibilities. It protects your bones, muscles, and organs from external environment. It regulates your body temperature, keeps you a steady body temperature regardless of the where you are on earth – you stay at 37 celcius degree both in UK, and in Malaysia. Most importantly, it is your first line of defence of outside world.

The skin is a complicated network of layers. Each layer has different function, and provides different protection to our body. Still, these layers can be quite vulnerable when you put artificial compounds on it.

What you apply on your skin is crucial. Chemicals that found in drugstore skincare products, when used long term, can be harmful for your skin as well as to your health. Most of the times, the size of molecule determines whether they are able to penetrate across your skin layers, and be absorbed by your body.

So, my skincare choice, affects not just my skin, but my health as well?

The short answer is, YES.

Apart from causing skin irritation, sensitive skin, and other skin discomforts, these chemical compounds have been shown link relationship with several cancer and illnesses.

For example, parabens – the most commonly found chemical in common drugstore products – are shown to disrupt hormone functions, affect reproduction capability (in the other words, it might be able to make you not able to be pregnant), and worst case, it might cause breast cancer.

Scary, yes?

Then why these chemical compounds are still added to our skincare and cosmetics?

Because it saves cost, and it makes customers addicted to the products. These chemical compounds make the product shelf life longer. So, those skincare companies do not need to replace these products within short period of time. Consumers can keep their products for a longer period of time. For manufacturing side of view, it saves cost, plenty of money is there.

These chemical compounds add “feel good” moment to customers when they are using these products. For example, SLS, which can cause skin irritation, is commonly added to shampoo, body shower gel, soap. SLS creates the bubbling, foamy effect of these products. We feel squeaky clean after using these SLS-contained products.

Short Term Fix with Long Term Consequence

Big cosmetic companies are making billions of dollar selling these products to you. It’s impossible for majority of people to understand those long ingredients list, that we can’t even pronounce. However, we keep on applying these products to our skin, because we are told they can make our skin better, more youthful.

These products might show immediate improvements on your skin, but, these are short term fix with long term consequence. These products weaken your skin, make your skin even more sensitive, make your skin thinner, and more prone to allergens in future. They also leave traces in your body, causing hormone imbalance, higher chance of getting cancer.

The worst thing is, these traces might be found in your future son’s or daughter’s body, if you plan to get pregnant and breastfeed.

Pregnant Woman Drinking Milk
Parabens and other harmful ingredients in your skincare products might leave traces, to harm your son’s or daughter’s health if your plan to get pregnant or breastfeed.

Go nature, why not?

That’s why we love natural skincare products so much. We know we are only putting natural and organic ingredients, into our daily skincare routine.

In the long run, natural skincare do better on your skin, and do no harm to your body. Natural skincare creates less environmental impact to our plant. Most of the natural skincare products use plant based ingredients, but not chemical based synthetic compounds. By using natural skincare, not just giving yourself a healthier skin, it also do so much good to your body, your future offspring, and to our Mother Earth.

Natural skincare products are often made in small batch to preserve their freshness. Particularly for skincare product without paraben (in Herbbies, we are paraben free, for sure!), manufacturing processes are often scheduled in small batch to shorten the period of time between ingredient sources and consumers.

Facial & Body Oil Bundle
Natural skincare products often are made in small batch.

In Herbbies, we use only organic herbs from local herb farm at Malaysia. Top quality oil combinations, including grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera oil are used to carry the benefits of herb to our skin. Herbs do not create any burden to our body. However, apart from making your skin healthier, these herbs actually make your body healthier as well!

Browse our selection of natural skincare products, you too can invest in your health.

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