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Ramadan Eczema Gift Box

Sincere Gifting to Your Loved Ones
to Soothe Their Eczema
in This Holy Ramadan Month.


Sincere Gifting to Your Loved Ones to Soothe Their Eczema in This Holy Ramadan Month. 


Save RM100 for Gifting

A thoughtful curation for sincere gifting to your friends with eczema during this Ramadan holy month.

This gift box has every product from Eczema Care Set (RM299) with a mini size After Itch Soothing Mist (30ml).

Save RM100 for gifting during this month full of blessings.

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About Herbbies Skincare

Proudly Formulated, Sourced, & Produced in Malaysia

Our unique formula for eczema and sensitive skin is based on Malaysian local herbs wisdom and dermatological theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 100% formulated and produced in Malaysia.

We source our key herbs from our family owned herb farm in Selangor, Malaysia. We use only organic farming methods to ensure the best therapeutic benefits to your sensitive skin.

Vernonia Leaf Area

Inspired from Malaysian Local Herbology to Healthy Skin

We believe we do not need more skincare brands in the market, but we need a clean skincare that is formulated specifically for fragile sensitive skin (i.e. eczema, rashes, & psoriasis). 

Having sensitive skin ourselves, we understand the struggles to find the right gentle skincare that doesn’t irritate our skin. We promise to deliver the cleanest possible skincare for everyone, including newborn babies, pregnant women, and anyone who needs special medical & skincare needs (e.g. elderly).

Our unique product formula is based on skincare theory of Malaysian local herb and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wisdoms. Working together with TCM practitioners as our formula consultants, our product is gentle to our sensitive skin yet effective to our sensitive skin.

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Giving Back to Society

For every product sold at Herbbies, we donate a certain percentage of profits to Sekolah Khas Klang, a school for children with special needs in Malaysia.

This initiative started when we notice that some children have stopped schooling due to rising costs and fees, partly from insufficient fundings from the school itself.

Therefore, our donation aims to help making school fees a little more affordable. So kids with special needs still have a chance at education.

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