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About Herbbies

We are the first apothecary skincare that uses natural local herbs from Malaysia that are suitable for sensitive skin.

We take pride in ensuring our products are free from harsh derivative, steroid, and chemical additive.

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Vernonia Leaf


For Skin Rash, Redness, Irritation

Vernonia, also known as Nan Fei Ye or South Africa Leaf by local Malaysians. It is a type of herb that is widely use to treat body heat syndrome, including prickly heat, skin rash, redness, and skin irritation.

The Vernonia’s essence proves to be of great help in reducing these sensitive skin conditions.

We source our herbs from local organic herb farm in Malaysia. You can rest assured of the herbs quality.

Mulberry Leaf

Mulberry Leaf

For Acne and Acne Scars

Mulberry leaf has been used for centuries to to cure acne, acne cyst, and acne scars.

Our mulberry leaf is sourced from an organic herb farm in Selangor, Malaysia. Our farmers handpick each harvest to preserve freshness, and only provide us with the best quality herbs.



For Eczema and Psoriasis

Mugwort is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat eczema and psoriasis. Particularly for toddlers, pregnant women, and new-born baby, mugwort is commonly used as bath herb in their daily shower routine, to keep their skin healthy, as well as to boost their body immunity.

Our Product Series

HEAL Treatment Oil

For Eczema, Psoriasis

HEAL Series

Formulated with mugwort, to treat eczema and psoriasis.

For Acne

CALM Series

Formulated with mulberry leaf, for all natural acne and acne scar treatment.

CARE Treatment Oil

For Skin Rash, Irritation

CARE series

Formulated with Vernonia to treat skin rash, redness, and other skin irritation.

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    review rating 5  I really love Herbbies’s products especially CALM series! I’m so lucky to have CALM series and it’s really suitable for my skin condition 🥰 It is so simple that it only requires 2 steps for My Skincare Routine from @herbbies.skincare !

    thumb Nurul Baizat Aziz

    review rating 5  This CALM series oil is non greasy, easy to absorb with mild scent of herb. After a week of usage twice daily, I can say that my skin feels less oily, moist, supple and my acne dries overnight!

    thumb Muhammad Wahizul Haswan Abdul Aziz

    review rating 5  I have been using this products (Heal,Care,Calm) series for weeks and noticed that my skin acne scar getting lightened and it heals my skin wound at the same time. These treatment oil very easy to be absobed by my skin. At first i thought oil products will be sticky but then its not sticky at all. Probably it is because the main carrier oil is very good quality grape seed oil. What a surprise!

    thumb Marilyn

Giving Back to Society

For every product sold at Herbbies, we donate a certain percentage of profits to Sekolah Khas Klang, a school for children with special needs in Malaysia.

This initiative started when we notice that some children have stopped schooling due to rising costs and fees, partly from insufficient fundings from the school itself.

Therefore, our donation aims to help making school fees a little more affordable. So kids with special needs still have a chance at education.

Sekolah Khas Klang

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