Soothe your skin itch with this cooling, refreshing mist.
Peppermint + Vernonia = No more obsessive scratching.

Carry these mini skincare oils wherever you go.

Easy to absorb, easy to carry.

Herbs + Plant-based Oils = Herbbies

Simple Ingredients, Significant Effects.

Mugwort infused Facial & Body Oil, suitable for skin protection of eczema and psoriasis.

Light weight, no burden.

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HEAL Facial & Body Oil

HEAL Facial & Body Oil

Protection for Eczema & Psoriasis, the Most Natural Way

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About Herbbies

Source locally, Produce locally

We source our herbs from a local herb farm in Selangor, Malaysia.

Our farmers use organic farming method to ensure we have the best quality herbs for our customers.

From Traditional Chinese Herbs to Healthy Skin

Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdoms, we modernize skincare benefits of traditional Chinese herbs to bottles of skincare.

Our Product Series

HEAL Treatment Oil

For Eczema, Psoriasis

HEAL Series

Formulated with mugwort, to treat eczema and psoriasis.

For Acne

CALM Series

Formulated with mulberry leaf, for all natural acne and acne scar treatment.

CARE Treatment Oil

For Skin Rash, Irritation

CARE series

Formulated with Vernonia to treat skin rash, redness, and other skin irritation.

Get Started with Our Simple 2-Step Skincare

Step 1

Facial & Body Oil

Step 2

Treatment Focus Oil

What Our Customers Say About Us

    5 star review  I really love Herbbies’s products especially CALM series! I’m so lucky to have CALM series and it’s really suitable for my skin condition 🥰 It is so simple that it only requires 2 steps for My Skincare Routine from @herbbies.skincare !

    thumb Nurul Baizat Aziz

    5 star review  i tried the Calm series and i noticed that my skin are more hydrated and the it fade away my blemish marks.It also not sticky at all after i applied .

    thumb Miki.w

    5 star review  I have skin rash whenever I feel stress, I guess this is the way my body protests to me to indicate that my stress level is too high 😅 I have this CARE series treatment focus oil with me everyday wherever I go, in my bag, on my office desk, and inside my make up pouch. It works like a skin soother, it reduces irritation and over time it improves my skin texture, I feel my skin so much softer, lesser skin rash, lesser itch, and lesser dead skin after using it for one week. Not to mention it is free of chemical addictive and no parabens, only plant oil and organic herb. So great!

    thumb Siau Pheng Lee

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Even realizing that you have psoriasis can trigger stress and put this whole situation into a vicious cycle. Being stressed because of the flare ups and these stress in turn causes more flare ups. Therefore we must try to put this cycle to an end!
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Giving Back to Society

For every product sold at Herbbies, we donate a certain percentage of profits to Sekolah Khas Klang, a school for children with special needs in Malaysia.

This initiative started when we notice that some children have stopped schooling due to rising costs and fees, partly from insufficient fundings from the school itself.

Therefore, our donation aims to help making school fees a little more affordable. So kids with special needs still have a chance at education.