Elly's Scalp Eczema Improvement

Customer’s Story 1 – Elly from Kuala Lumpur.

Elly suffered from had serious eczema on her scalp area and behind her ears.⁠

It was very stubborn eczema and it stayed with her for over few years time.

After using Herbbies Anti-Itch Mugwort Balm for 4 months, she saw noticeable improvements in her eczema. The surface wounds of eczema was gone!⁠

The best thing was, it was all done without any steroid application! Just natural mugwort + peppermint balm.⁠

Elly's Ankle Eczema

Elly also suffered from eczema at her ankle area as well.

In the past, Elly has always been relying on steroids to control her eczema problem. However, she noticed her skin getting thinner and thinner, and becoming more sensitive to external allergens (e.g. dust, detergent). Her skin would become very itchy whenever it gets exposed to these allergens.⁠

She couldn’t help but to scratch her skin to ease the itch. ⁠

To make things worse those minor wounds from her scratches would worsen eczema.⁠

Whenever she stopped applying the steroid cream that is prescribed by her dermatologist, her skin conditions would always return to how it was before. ⁠

She noticed that the STEROID WAS JUST USED TO INHIBIT HER ECZEMA, but not to heal them.

Therefore she turns to the apothecary approach, to give herbs and natural holistic methods a chance to heal her skin conditions.⁠

She gave Herbbies Mugwort Anti-Itch Soothing Treatment Balm a try, a balm with no steroids and an all natural remedy (i.e. Mugwort, Peppermint, and etc.). This is the result of just one can within 3 months.⁠

A very noticeable improvement in her skin conditions! Less itch and less scratching as well!⁠

She is happy with this and so are we! we are absolutely thrilled that our product has been of good help to her!⁠

Herbbies Product that Elly Used to Help Her Scalp and Ankle Eczema

Anti-Itch Mugwort Balm for Eczema & Psoriasis

With natural soothing effect from peppermint and natural healing effect from Mugwort, this Anti-Itch Mugwort Balm soothes your skin itch and heals your eczema & psoriasis at the same time.

RM 63 RM 59

Anti-Itch Mugwort Balm for Eczema & Psoriasis

Customer’s Story 2 – Ana from Sabah

Ana's transformation-Before
Ana's Transformation-After

Let’s take a look of journey sharing by Ana on her instagram.

She was misdiagnosed twice by dermatologist as fungal infection and scabies (click here to understand more about what is scabies from MayoClinic). Later on, she was diagnosed as having contact dermatitis instead.

For all these three conditions, she was prescribed steroid or antibiotic topical cream. She applied these topical creams on her skin anyway because she needed an easy reliever to her skin so that she can focus much more on her mental health (Do you know sensitive skin conditions – i.e. eczema, acne, are highly related with mental health problem? click here to read more).

But, just as other steroid topical cream, steroid cream that Ana applied on her skin made her skin thinner and far more likely to get irritated by dust, dirty air, and other allergens.

After that, she discovered Herbbies Skincare on social media, and saw success story of us getting rid of our own sensitive skin (Our founder – Siau Pheng suffered from acne and excessive skin rash before as well!). She gave Herbbies a try, and is excluding gluten from her diet.

After 2-3 months, her skin is healing slowly and steadily! Those eczema open wounds are healing slowly, and she is starting to exercise, and able to go to beach, hiking. All these activities were not possible due to her skin got irritated by sunlight, sand, and grass easily.

We are so happy to see our products help her to get rid of all these pains and enjoy more of her life!

Herbbies Product that Ana Uses to Ease Her Eczema Condition

HEAL Facial & Body Oil for Eczema & Psoriasis

Our HEAL series facial & body oil helps sensitive skin with eczema. It restores skin health by reducing symptoms of flaky skin, dry skin, and psoriasis. Delicately formulated with organic Mugwort and grapeseed oil.

RM 89 RM 69

HEAL Facial & Body Oil
After-Itch Soothing Mist

After Itch Soothing Mist

Packed with natural freshness of peppermint, this After Itch Soothing Mist soothes your skin itch in the most natural way. Just spray wherever the skin itch is, and whenever there is a need.

RM 73 RM 69

Customer’s Story 3 – Josephine from Johor

Josephine's hand with skin rash - before
Josephine's hand with skin rash - applying CARE Treatment Focus Oil
Josephine - After

Josephine has skin rash immediately whenever she is in an environment with dust. She found out about Herbbies product by recommendation of her friend.

Upon using our CARE Treatment Focus Oil to deep repair her allergic reaction to dust and dirty air, she notices her skin rash is not as serious as before, and is healing gradually.

Another good thing is, she finds our CARE Treatment Focus Oil just like an immediate skin rash reliever to her. It soothes her skin rash almost instantly. So she carries this CARE Treatment Focus Oil wherever she goes, together with hand sanitizer in her bag.

Herbbies Product that Josephine Uses to Tame Her Skin Rash

CARE Treatment Focus Oil for Skin Rash & Skin Irritation

Soothe and treat your skin rashes with this refreshing CARE Treatment Focus Oil. Our CARE Treatment Focus Oil allows you to regain control over skin rashes each time you apply it onto your skin. This non-greasy CARE Treatment Focus Oil restores your skin to a healthy glow and further reduces skin irritation.

RM69 RM59

CARE Treatment Focus Oil

Our Very Kind Customers Provide Us Feedback

What Other Customers Say about Herbbies

Nurul Baizat Aziz
Nurul Baizat Aziz
I really love Herbbies’s products especially CALM series! I’m so lucky to have CALM series and it’s really suitable for my skin condition 🥰 It is so simple that it only requires 2 steps for My Skincare Routine from @herbbies.skincare !
kolin zainal
kolin zainal
It's help me with my acne problem a lot. My kids can see the improvement of my skin. The scar also almost gone. Try it, use this product in 1 week and you can see positive result with Herbbies.
I have been using this products (Heal,Care,Calm) series for weeks and noticed that my skin acne scar getting lightened and it heals my skin wound at the same time. These treatment oil very easy to be absobed by my skin. At first i thought oil products will be sticky but then its not sticky at all. Probably it is because the main carrier oil is very good quality grape seed oil. What a surprise!
esther yan
esther yan
I have been using CARE series (Face & Body oil and Treatment oil) for my skin problems mostly at night because my skin can get really dry when I woke up the next day. It also solves my itchy and sensitive skin😄💃🏻
i tried the Calm series and i noticed that my skin are more hydrated and the it fade away my blemish marks.It also not sticky at all after i applied .
Siau Pheng Lee
Siau Pheng Lee
I have skin rash whenever I feel stress, I guess this is the way my body protests to me to indicate that my stress level is too high 😅 I have this CARE series treatment focus oil with me everyday wherever I go, in my bag, on my office desk, and inside my make up pouch. It works like a skin soother, it reduces irritation and over time it improves my skin texture, I feel my skin so much softer, lesser skin rash, lesser itch, and lesser dead skin after using it for one week. Not to mention it is free of chemical addictive and no parabens, only plant oil and organic herb. So great!
Muhammad Wahizul Haswan Abdul Aziz
Muhammad Wahizul Haswan Abdul Aziz
This CALM series oil is non greasy, easy to absorb with mild scent of herb. After a week of usage twice daily, I can say that my skin feels less oily, moist, supple and my acne dries overnight!
Yih Hwey
Yih Hwey
I have tried Calm & Care series, both good and my skin can absorb it well, no burden at all. Highly recommended!

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