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Herbbies is a Malaysia based company with a mission to help people with sensitive skin restore their skin’s health. With ingredients of all natural and organic herbs, our non-greasy Facial & Body Oil and Treatment Focus Oil are here to treat and soothe skin problems that you have, to make you look and feel good about yourself.

Growing up with an acne prone skin condition, we started growing her interest to look for the suitable product in the market.

During our teenage years, we have tried many acne products but it did not produce good results. Those products only seem to irritate our skin further, even leaving traces of rash and redness. Our interest in apothecary begun when we noticed our colleague creating and mixing their own facial oil. We immediately had an idea and was inspired, thinking that this could be the way to find the right skincare for herself.

Over the years, we have developed a simple 2-step apothecary skincare routine. Step 1, using the Facial & Body Oil then step 2, using the Treatment Focus Oil. We shared this routine with our siblings, who once had serious psoriasis and both benefited greatly from it. Now, our lives have been better just by knowing that our will not need to worry about our skin conditions anymore. It is a boost of confidence and most importantly, peace of mind.

Understanding the feeling of finally being able to have healthy skin, we wanted to share this hope with others too in the form of Herbbies. A 100% natural skincare product that does not depend on chemical additives or steroids for short term solutions. Products that are entirely different with products from ‘full-of-chemical-addictive’ and ‘steriod-is-the-king’ skincare market.

Meticulous product research and development has also been put into Herbbies. This ensures that users are provided with all the goodness that nature has to offer. It has been proven effective in alleviating symptoms of various skin conditions such as, acne, acne scars, eczema, psoriasis, skin rash, irritation and many more. Rest assured our products are also free from steriods, parabens, harsh derivatives or chemical additives. We use our own products, so we ensure the best qualities for ourselves and for all other users including you!

Every product from Herbbies is made with top quality herbs and oil. All our herbs, are harvested from organic farms from Selangor, Malaysia. Each of the ingredients are then carefully selected, grinded and infused in our Facial & Body Oil and Treatment Focus Oil. All of these done right here in the land of Malaysia.

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Do you have sensitive skin?
Skin is the largest organ in the body. It covers most of the external surface of our body and acts as our first defense against invading bacteria, harsh chemicals and pollutants. Therefore, healthy skin is not just for the sake of maintaining a great appearance. But it is also to safeguard our health in general. Born in a family with atopy, I am always open to apothecary skincare products such as Herbbies.
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See what @gaylenkasai has said about @herbbies.skincare CALM Acne Facial & Body Oil for her acne.⁠
Repost from @gaylenkasai .⁠
My current obsession is the @herbbies.skincare CALM series. This is definitely a God sent product. I often have the kind of acne that doesn't have a head, it hurts so bad and always happens without fail before my period 🤦‍♀️ I've tried many treatments but none has helped until now. Since I started using this, my acne heals faster and sometimes it even helps the pimple head pop up! Yay! Those without head used to take almost 3 weeks to heal and by the time it does; a new one pops up 🤦‍♀️ Now with @herbbies.skincare they only need about a week to heal so I've been enjoying 3 weeks of flawless skin since then. I also like that it is non greasy and absorbs quickly. The @herbbies Facial Oil and Treatment Oil uses mulberry and lavender as its main ingredients.⁠
Mulberry is nature's antioxidant and is known for its natural skin brightening properties, which is why the @herbbies.skincare CALM series has the ability to fade away dark spots and pigmentation caused by aging and sun exposure. Lavender on the other hand is a natural anti inflammatory agent. I also love smell of lavender, which is very calming.⁠
All ingredients from Herbbies products are made with high quality herbs and oils that were harvested from organic farms in Malaysia. All of which are carefully selected, grinded and infused. Each series has 2 types of product: the Facial & Body Oil and the Treatment Focus Oil. I have being using the Facial and Body Oil instead of my usual skin toner for the past few weeks and they've been great. I do not need add anything else yet my skin still feels soft and supple. I apply the Treatment Focus Oil directly on my acne; twice a day. I also keep it with me in my bag just in case.😁I love the smell of the oil, somehow it has a very calming effect on me, I think it must be the lavender.⁠
All Herbbies product are natural and is safe even for children. Check out Herbbies and give your skin some love.⁠
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Giving Back to Society

For every product sold at Herbbies, we donate a certain percentage of our profits to Sekolah Khas Klang, a school for children with special needs here in Malaysia.

This initiative started when we realize that some children have stopped schooling due to the rising costs and fees, partly from insufficient fundings from the school itself.

Therefore our donation aims to help make fees a little more affordable, so those with special needs can have a chance at education too.

Start your skin healing journey now!