Mugwort & Peppermint Moisturising Balm

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With natural soothing effect from peppermint and natural healing effect from Mugwort, this Mugwort & Peppermint Balm relieves and soothes any form of dry & sensitive skin. Harshness free, fragrance free, and essential oil free, just natural goodness from herbs.  

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Mugwort Anti Itch Eczema Balm with lid opened

What’s it for?

Say goodbye to your eczema with this all natural Mugwort & Peppermint Balm

Full of therapeutic benefits of mugwort and peppermint, this Mugwort & Peppermint Balm soothes your dry & fragile skin. This Mugwort & Peppermint Balm is ideal for various forms of dry & fragile sensitive skin. 

With natural beeswax and grapeseed oil-based infusion, this Mugwort Anti Itch Balm is lightweight and non-sticky in texture.

This Mugwort & Peppermint Balm does not contain any artificial fragrance, and not even a single drop of essential oil. Hence, it is most suitable even for the most sensitive skin which can’t tolerate essential oil.

Finger applying Mugwort Anti Itch Eczema Balm

How to use

At least two times per day after cleansing.

Apply a generous amount of Mugwort & Peppermint Balm on dry & fragile skin area, preferably after cleansing.

May apply to skin area with pervasive skin itch. Peppermint Soothing Mist also provides more immediate & long lasting itch relief effect to body skin area.

Use HEAL Facial & Body Oil as moisturising oil prior to Mugwort Anti Itch Eczema Balm

More Comprehensive Eczema Care

Apply HEAL Facial & Body Oil to your dry skin prior to Mugwort & Peppermint Balm

You may pair the use of Mugwort & Peppermint Balm together with HEAL Facial & Body Oil for a more comprehensive care. Apply HEAL Facial & Body Oil just like lotion / massage oil to the large skin area (e.g. the whole arm area, the whole leg area), then apply Mugwort & Peppermint Balm at dry skin area for a targeted repair.


Special Note: Due to cooling and anti-itch effect of peppermint, avoid apply the balm to skin area with open wound and with active bleeding. The open wound skin area might find it stimulating. We suggest mint free version – Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm or oil-based spot corrector – HEAL Treatment Focus Oil for a milder care instead.

It is safe to apply the balm on face area, however avoid eyes and lips area due to its cooling effect. For sensitive skin around eyes and lips area, HEAL Treatment Focus Oil and Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm both provide good healing to these delicate skin area.

Mugwort and Peppermint


Malaysia Locally Sourced Mugwort Herb & Peppermint

Mugwort, a magical herb that is widely used in apothecary practice all around the world, especially East Asia (Korea, Japan, China). In Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, Mugwort is often used to soothe sensitive skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, fungal type, and body general well-being. It is also widely used as bath herb for new-born babies to soothe nappy rash and to comfort their sensitive skin.

Mugwort that we use in our products is all sourced from local farms in Malaysia.

The natural cooling effect of peppermint soothes skin itch naturally. Antioxidant properties of peppermint further protects from any allergen. We source our peppermint from local farmers at Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

Ingredients list: Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort), Mentha piperita (peppermint), Vitis vinifera (grapeseed oil), Cera alba (beeswax), Mentha arvensis(menthol).



Baby & Mummy

Friendly for kids older than 3 years old and women who are breastfeeding. Wipe off the balm prior to nursing if apply around breast and nipple area.

For kids younger than 3 years old and women who are currently pregnant, it is safe to use this Mugwort & Peppermint Balm on occasions, but not in large quantity over regular period of time.

For safer alternative of skin care, we recommend HEAL Treatment Focus OilHEAL Facial & Body Oil , and Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm to kids younger than 3 years old and pregnant women.


Best With

Peppermint Soothing Mist

Complete your anti-itch healing journey with this Peppermint Soothing Mist. Peppermint Soothing Mist provides cooling and refreshing relief to your sensitive skin.

HEAL Facial & Body Oil

Another delicately formulated skincare oil for eczema and psoriasis, HEAL Facial & Body Oil is rich of Mugwort benefits. It moisturizes your sensitive skin, as well as protects your skin from allergens in external environment.

Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm

If your dry & sensitive skin is at open wound and with active flare stage, this mint free version of our mugwort eczema balm could probably more suitable for your eczema.

Else, you can get both Mint Free Gentle Mugwort Balm and Mugwort & Peppermint Balm (with mint) to alternate between cycles.

HEAL Treatment Focus Oil

Deep repair treatment oil for delicate skin area. For lips and eyes area, apply HEAL Treatment Focus Oil and tap gently to complete care.

Mugwort Natural Soap

Cleanse your sensitive skin without the worry of the cleanser strips away natural skin protection layer of your skin.

This Mugwort Natural Handmade Soap is enriched with rice bran oil and castor oil, its rich lathering layer cleanse your eczema-prone skin, while retaining your skin moisture.

Empowering local communities

We source our peppermint from local farms at Cameron Highlands, Pahang. In addition, our Mugwort in this Anti-Itch Mugwort Balm is from a local farm that is located at Selangor. By sourcing our herbs locally, we reduce carbon emission as well as empowering local communities that provide us the herbs.

We donate certain percentage of our profit to Sekolah Khas Klang to support education funding of special kids. You may also extend the goodwill together with us by purchasing a handwoven basket made by special kids from Sekolah Khas Klang, or make donation in any amount during checkout.


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Does this balm contains steroid?



No, 100% steroid free!


I'm pregnant lady, can I use this?



Yes, it's safe to use but not in large quantity over regular of time


Can I apply this balm on my face?



Yes you can, but do avoid apply around eyelid and lip area due to it's cooling effect of peppermint.


Is it safe to apply this on private part?



Yes can!


What's the difference between this balm and Mint Free Gentle Balm?



Mint Free Gentle Balm is mint free version and it's suitable for baby, pregnant lady and open wound. And Mugwort Anti Itch Balm suitable for body area and it's friendly to kids older than 3 years old.


If my hand has wound due to scratching, is it safe to apply this balm?



We suggest Mint Free Gentle Balm. Because Mugwort Anti Itch Balm might sting your wound.


How many times do I need to use?



We recommend to apply at least 2 times a day or you can use it whenever you needed!


Is the balm oily and sticky?



No! We're using natural beeswax and grapeseed oil-based infusion, so it's non-sticky texture and easy to absorb to our skin.


Can I use for mosquito bites? It's itchy!



Definitely can!


I'm still breastfeeding, is it safe to apply around nipple?



Yes, its safe to apply, but remember wipe off the balm around breast or nipple area prior to nursing

50 reviews for Mugwort & Peppermint Moisturising Balm

  1. Neshaleni

    This balm!! I can’t live without it. It heals my eczema flare-up within 2 to 3 weeks. But I would say, apply the balm first, then apply a thick moisturizer like Cerave Moisturizing cream, and on top of that apply vanicream oinment to protect your skin layer. It works wonders for me. Love you Herbbies!

  2. Clee

    My 12 year old daughter loves the Mugwort & Peppermint balm, she uses it on a little patch on her feet whenever she feels itchy and it offers her quick relief. It prevents her from scratching the area and allows the skin to heal.

  3. Panda88

    Calms my itchy eczema immediately…!!! Bought many times already… love it… 🩵

  4. moomucow

    Great product. Very soothing the eczema skin area. Not strong smelling either and I like the cooling sensation from the peppermint.

  5. Nasmeen izatti Sabudin

    Mmg effective for my eczema daughter 👍🏼

  6. Nim

    had a wound on the top of my feet which started from a shoe bite – it’s always been itchy and had not healed for years. within months of using the Mugwort & Peppermint Moisturising Balm, it’s finally healed and no longer itches.

  7. angelagohmeiling

    My go-to balm to relieve itchy when psoriasis became unbearable. Love this!

  8. rynisyou

    Great for relieving itchiness and smells pretty good

  9. May

    My go to for eczema and to soothe itchiness. Never leave the house without it.

  10. neshaleni33

    Definitely giving 5 stars for this miracle balm really heal my eczema after a very bad flare up the moment I stopped using Jolicare products. I got back to Herbbies as I really feel safe and yes the healing takes time but with zero sight effects. Loving my skin now because of Herbbies!!

    Mugwort & Peppermint Moisturising Balm
    Mugwort & Peppermint Moisturising Balm
  11. anniechoomeifeng

    This helped reduce my skin itching, at least now I sleep well and don’t wake up in the middle of the night with itching

  12. FS

    Have been using this consistently on my daughter’s ezcema skin. Have seen major improvements on her skin after using for 2 months. Will continue to purchase, is a great product.

  13. FS

    Have been using this consistently on my daughter’s ezcema skin. Have seen major improvements on her skin after using for 2 months.

  14. Aisyiatul

    this balm really help me reducing my redness also itchiness. love it!

  15. cassdy97

    First time trying this product after a month now, and let me tell you it has help me so much! Not needing to worry about the after effects of steroids anymore has really ease my mind a lot. Will be purchasing for the second again! Thank you so much, much recommended!

  16. Bryan

    Great help for my eczema

  17. Bryan


  18. Gwen

    This Balm works for me! A must-have item for me.

  19. Gwen

    This Balm works for me! It soothes my eczema and clears it too. A must-have item for me.

  20. Aileen

    My sister has complaining lesser on her eczema being itchy and I have bought this product twice!

  21. Aqylahmad

    Alhamdulillah. So thankful for this non steroid alternatives to sooth my eczema. Highly recommended.

  22. cellgearlan

    I love it !! It works amazingly well too. Both of my hands were inflamed because of excessive scractching. I tried so many products but the only one that has healed my cuts and wounds overnight is this product ! I have been using this product for 6 months . Thank you

  23. sharifah

    Great product especially combined with the anti itch spray very thankful that there are non steroid alternatives

  24. Mariana Lopez

    I have been using this product for a month and the itchiness on my legs has receded and scars slightly better. Will continue using it as it is truly value for money without steroids. I love the peppermint cooling sensation and will definitely purchase the second time.

  25. Eva

    Is good. Apply for my kid and the next day, the skin is getting better. Strongly recommended.

  26. Bella

    This is my second purchase. Thank God it really works like miracle. I absolutely love it. Definitely help to improve my eczema and smells good too! Thank you Truly Herb Group!! I am a satisfied buyer 🙂

  27. beautifuldisaster

    I’ve been struggling with eczema for 6 months now and this is the only thing that has worked so far! I pair it with the Heal oil and when combined, I managed to stop the itch. I have had big red patches on my face for so long, but the balm and oil managed to clear it. Thank you so much.

  28. Lucas

    My first time trying this balm. It works wonders for my ezcema. I have this stubborn eczema on my right foot which doesn’t seem to go away for more than six months. Using corticosteroid cream only provided temporary relief. With the Mugwort balm, it not only relieves the itch, but it also seems to keep the eczema away. Will definitely buy this again.

  29. Mimi

    Wonderful balm to soothe my itchy dry skin. I use this in addition to the body oil (which I use more often than the balm). So one balm usually lasts more than a month depending on how frequent I use it. I use the oil on a 24/7 basis while the balm is like 8/7 basis only.

  30. Priyanesan

    I’ve bought this product thrice and will repurchase it until my eczema completely heals. This balm surely heals but consistency is the key.

  31. H P

    it helps to to reduce the itch for eczema skins, works like magic,

  32. skygal0304

    This balm helps to sooth my itchy eczema with the minty sensation. The frequency of itchy seems to be lesser too

  33. rynisyou

    Great product, smells very natural and not too oily which is perfect

  34. Ho Li Fen

    Second time purchase! This balm stops my family members skin itchiness. We don’t need to rely on steroid much now.

  35. Huda Shahrin

    This is the best thing I’ve ever purchased. I’ve been using it for two months and the redness at the back of my knees are almost gone. I absolutely love it and will purchase it for the second time. The eczema on my neck has already healed
    thank you guys!!

  36. Christine Lee

    This is my second purchase for my dad who has itchy skin. After using the Mugwort balm for 3 months it has helped to relief the itch. He loves the cooling effects of the peppermint which helps to stop the itch.

  37. Alya

    A little bit background, I have never had eczema or psoriasis but I have developed sudden rashes this year and not sure what caused it. I have never bought any over-the-counter balm or anything and has always use lotion to soothe the itchiness.

    When I first tried this balm, I used it with my lotion (rosken) but I stopped after 2-3 weeks, only using the balm. I really like the cooling sensation it gives and I like the minty smell. In some areas, this balm works well and stopped the itchiness and some tiny bumps, but the ones on my leg folds, behind the knee area, it takes some time to heal. I’ve been using it for a month and going into two, and I think it’s a long healing process which is understandable, skin takes time to heal. Most of my rashes are gone, but some still take same time. I think this is a great product because it eliminates the itchy feeling fast, however, I am still observing the long-term healing effects. Great product 🙂

  38. TY

    My mum has psoriasis and she use the balm mostly for her itchy head.

  39. HH

    good product

  40. Susu

    Definitely help to improve my eczema without the need of steroid cream, smells good too.

  41. Hani

    It is a good product this balm as it helps soothe the inflammation and itch from psoriasis but unfortunately on my skin it doesnt help ease the redness. Maybe for eczema it works better than psoriasis.

  42. Amy Thew

    it helps with my eczema on my elbow, cause I no longer feel itchy and it helps to moisturise my skin too.
    Thank you 😀

  43. Amira

    It helps relieving my itchiness especially if you applied it as per recommended usage

  44. Jay Nair

    I’ve been purchasing this balm for the past few months (nearly every week actually!) I had eczema on most parts of my body and this balm has helped so much. My skin condition has improved so much, even the dark skin color due to excessive scratching has lightened. I love it mostly because it’s all-natural. I even recommended this to my doctor so he can recommend to other patients. 🙂

  45. Shalom Mouse

    Love this balm… helps to stop the itchiness almost immediately…!!! Thanks for creating such a good product to help all the eczema sufferers… 💖

  46. Lee

    Second time purchase! It is cooling to my skin, and i can see my eczema gets better just within 2 week time.

  47. Ezza

    I have severe fungal infections in between my legs and its been year trying to get rid of it using antibiotics, antifungals med bu doctors. So ive tried this and in a week all the constant itchinese almost gone and the infection is lesser now! Im a happy girl! Will buy more definately!!

  48. Elisa

    I like the soft texture, not to oily and easily absorb into skin. I like its soft, fresh and minty scent. After applying, my skin feels cool and calm. I highly recommended.

  49. Aarifa

    This balm works like divine! I bought this balm for my mum, and it heals my mum’s eczema just within weeks. I bought another set of this again. Recommend!

  50. Anthony

    This balm leaves a cooling sensation on my eczema, and the scent is so soothing with rich of mint.

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