After Itch Soothing Mist

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Packed with natural freshness of peppermint, this After Itch Soothing Mist soothes your skin itch in the most natural way. Just spray wherever the skin itch is, and whenever there is a need.

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Hand holding After Itch Soothing Mist

What’s it for?

Relieve your itchy skin with this all natural peppermint-based After Itch Soothing Mist.

Packed with natural refreshing peppermint and Vernonia leaf infusion, this After Itch Soothing Mist provides immediate and long lasting itch relief to your itchy skin.

With fragrance and essential oil free formula, this all natural After Itch Soothing Mist is ideal to soothe itchy skin of all sensitive skin types. Including thin fragile skin of elderly, dry flaky skin of people with eczema & psoriasis, and other forms of skin rashes with irritable itch.

This refreshing soothing mist is also perfect to provide a soothing effect for skin irritation under hot sun and outdoor activities, as well as a natural alternative as bug repellent.

Sensation: Fresh and cooling. This After Itch Soothing Mist also leaves a non-greasy moisturising Vernonia leaf infusion as protection layer after spraying.

Scent: Minty fresh and woodsy.

Content: 100ml.

Spraying After Itch Soothing Mist in Air

How to use

Spray generously, then tap or press gently for further soothing.

This After Itch Soothing Mist is particularly helpful before sleep when itch flare is at the peak. The minty cooling effect is expected to last for 20-30 minutes.

Avoid eyes and face area as peppermint irritates our eyes.

Other useful scenario to use After Itch Soothing Mist:
  • After hair removal and shaving as after shave skin soother.
  • Itchy scalp soother.
  • Outdoor skin refresher when hot sun causes irritation.
  • Natural mosquito and bug repellent.
Vernonia leaf and peppermint


Vernonia Leaf & Peppermint

Peppermint, a natural cooling herb that soothes itchy skin with its natural properties. Antioxidants in it help with protection from external allergens as well, prevent scratching of our irritable itchy skin.

Vernonia leaf, a popular Malaysian local herb that is well known for its effect to bring down body heatiness, hence to soothe skin rash, redness, and irritable itch.

Ingredients list: 98% Mentha piperita hydrosol (Peppermint hydrosol), 2% plant-based oil combination (Mentha piperita – Peppermint infused grapeseed oil, Vernonia amygdalina – Vernonia leaf infused grapeseed oil, Mentha arvensis – menthol.


Baby & Mummy

Friendly for kids older than 3. For kids with young age and fragile skin (age 3-5), only use it occasionally as the cooling effect of this After Itch Soothing Mist might be slightly stimulating for them. Parents are advised to observe their skin reaction for best itch relief effect as intended.

This After Itch Soothing Mist IS NOT for babies. To soothe itchy skin of babies, please use Mugwort Anti Itch Balm or Vernonia Anti Itch Balm for a gentler option. But these two balms are formulated to be used among babies occasionally only as well.

For women who are pregnant, this After Itch Soothing Mist is safe to use on occasions, but not in large volume over prolonged periods on a regular frequency. This is because no research study has been done to establish the safety between peppermint use and effect on babies.


Best With

Mugwort Anti Itch Eczema Balm

If your primary skin concern is eczema or psoriasis, Mugwort Anti Itch Eczema Balm provides further healing effects from mugwort herb and peppermint for your eczema and psoriasis.

Vernonia Anti Itch Rash Balm

If your primary skin concern is rashy skin, complete your skin care healing routine with this Vernonia Anti Itch Rash Balm.

HEAL Facial & Body Oil

Moisture loss often is the underlying reason for itchy skin. Moisturise your dry and itchy skin with HEAL Facial & Body Oil as a natural alternative of lotion.

Mugwort Natural Soap

A gentle cleansing soap bar that helps to retain moisture of your skin. Its gentle plant-based formulation doesn’t strip away the natural protection layer of sensitive skin, hence aid in healing of skin and wound.

Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash

A gentle cleansing option in liquid form. Using natural castile method in formulation, this Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash doesn’t contain harsh derivatives that might cause further irritation to your sensitive skin.

Empowering local communities

We source our peppermint from local farms at Cameron Highlands, Pahang. In addition, our Vernonia leaf is sourced from a local farm that is located at Selangor. By sourcing our herbs locally, we reduce carbon emission as well as empowering local communities that provide us the herbs.

We donate certain percentage of our profit to Sekolah Khas Klang to support education funding of special kids. You may also extend the goodwill together with us by purchasing a handwoven basket made by special kids from Sekolah Khas Klang, or make donation in any amount during checkout.


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16 reviews for After Itch Soothing Mist

  1. Seha

    Im happy with the product. No itchiness anymore.

  2. Michellr

    My favourite product all time! It helps to sooth my dry and itchy skin.

  3. sharifah

    Great product

  4. YH

    this mist is really a cooling product for my eczema itchiness and stop itchiness almost instantly … really a must bring product with me everytime !

  5. crimson_blue

    Best anti itch product to have especially on the go. At times when outdoors when there is no easy access to wash hands, I prefer using the spray instead of the balm. Really soothing and gives a minty feeling. Also great to spray on the back during hot days to cool off. Thanks Herbbies!

  6. Mic

    Hi, the product packaging need to improve as one of the bottle has leakage and was very oily when i received it.

    After Itch Soothing Mist
  7. beautifuldisaster

    An amazing product. It stops the itch immediately. I keep one in every bag so that when I’m outside, I can cope with the itch. It’s handy and portable.

  8. tayjanicexy

    Soothe my itch so much! Plus the long lasting cooling sensation <3

  9. Clarissa

    I have been purchasing this many times already. It is a quick-relief that helps my mum to stop the itchiness due to dry skin.

  10. Chris

    My 11 year old daughter uses this mist for her eczema and it relieves her itch. She loves the cooling effect on her skin and most importantly it quickly relieves the itch on her eczema.

  11. skygal0304

    I like this soothing mist. The cooling sensations able helps to relieve my itchy skin at night and makes me sleep better

  12. Shalom

    Love this spray… great for itchy necks especially before bedtime. The cooling sensation makes me sleep well.. Thanks Herbbies… 💖

  13. Li Wen

    The mist spray really helps give a quick relief when my skin get really itchy, a strong minty feeling.

  14. Jay Nair

    This mist helps relieve itch really well. I couldn’t be outdoors for some time due to any amount of heat, but carrying this around helped me be like a normal person outdoors.

  15. Amina

    The scent of the mist is so refreshing and soothing (it has a mint scent, which helps to soothe my itchy skin, as well as my anxious mood).

    I notice that this mist also has mosquito repellent effect, like it!

  16. Shin Yee

    I like this mist! It leaves a refreshing feeling on my eczema and deter the itch away.

    The cooling and anti-itch effect is very long lasting, unlike other mists that is on the market.

    In short, I like it!

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