Benefits From Using Herbal Infused Oil

Benefits From Using Infused Herbal Oil

Infused herbal oils in simple terms means combining medicinal properties of herbs into a specific carrier oils. This extraction process is called a maceration or infusion. It is where herbs or plant matter are chopped and steeped in carrier oil for weeks or months to get the most out of said herbs or plant matter. There are a variety of oils that can be used as carrier oils, mostly vegetable oil due to its long shelf life. Some examples are sunflower oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil and so on. 

Infused herbal oils are different from essential oils in this major area – essential oils are extracted through distillation. When going through distillation, some of the beneficial larger molecules are too heavy to be distilled. These include flavonoids and glucosides. Flavonoid is a powerful antioxidant and metal chelator, it also gives the plant its color. Glucoside on the other hand aids in healing and can work as a painkiller. Apart from that, these herbal oils also work well in nourishing the skin.

There are so many uses for infused herbal oils, let’s explore them below. 

Hair Care

Herbal oils are great for hair care, it benefits hair growth, conditions your hair, works as a scalp treatment and seals moisture. You can oil your hair as a night treatment, or right before a shower. You can even add some oil into your shampoo or conditioner. Don’t forget to shake it well before using it. 

Aromatherapy Base Oil

Here is where you get to create a powerful duo. Just add essential oil into any herbal infused oil and you would be able to maximize the healing properties from both the essential oil and the herbal infused oil.

Massage Oil Blends

Create different sensations for your massages by adding in different types of herbal oils. For example if you want a warm sensation do try the Cayenne Pepper Oil, Lavender Oil gives out a skin calming effect and Calendula Oil is great for sensitive skin. With these blends, your massage experience will never be the same again. 

Face Care

There is a lot that your face can benefit from using herbal oils in your face care routine. Using a few drops of it right after washing your face will help retain moisture. Before using them be sure to check the oil carrier type to ensure you use the ones that are light and easily absorbed into your skin. Apart from that you can also add the herbal oils into your creams or use them in oil cleansing methods such as in scrubs, balms or lotions. 

Skin Care

The best way of using herbals oil for skin care is right after coming out from a shower. The herbal oils are effective in replenishing and nourishing your skin while locking moisture, making your skin feel velvety and smooth. You can also mix the oils in balms, body butter and even in scrubs. 

Maternity Care

Essential oils are usually not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women. But not to fear you can simply replace them with herbal oils which can benefit them just the same.

Baby Care

These natural safe herbal oils are also a great replacement for essential oils when used on young children. However do check with the labels and sources to ensure the herbal oils are certified and safe for using them on your cute little ones.

Skin Conditions and Pain Relief

Due to the healing properties that comes in herbal oils, it is effective to be used on a variety of skin conditions. In situations such as dry skin, dermatitis, dandruff, cuts, burns, bruises or minor wounds can all benefit from the herbal oil treatment. Some herbal oils such as the Nettle Leaf and Cayenne Pepper can even alleviate pain and stiffness.


As mentioned in the beginning herbal oils contain a lot of antioxidants, a defense against free radicals that are highly linked to aging. By protecting the skin from free radicals, these powerful antioxidants can help keep skin firm, smooth and healthy. 

After all, another good news is – Herbbies is also made from these wonderful and powerful herbal oils! Herbbies Facial & Body Oil and Herbbies Treatment Focus Oil are both 100% natural and made from top quality herbs. Infused for at least 4 weeks in our main oil carrier – grapeseed oil. Our products are packed full of medicinal properties to help treat any of your skin ailments.

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