What Exactly are Parabens? The True Colour of This Skincare ‘Worst Enemy’

What Exactly are Parabens? The True Colour of This Skincare 'Worst Enemy'

PARABENS. Some of us might recognize this evil word. It is the culprit that makes our skin irritated and sensitive in our skincare products.

Sometimes, it might show as butylparabenmethylparaben and propylparaben in the ingredient list. These are variations of parabens.

Look out for small print at label of your skincare products.

Why Parabens are Bad for Us?

Parabens increase product shelf life. It allows skincare product to maintain its ‘freshness’.

It seems like a good ingredient for manufacturers, but not so good for consumers.

When we apply parabens-contained product on our skin, it will penetrate through skin layers and enter our body. It mimics estrogen and impacts our hormonal balance.

In 2004, a british study has shown that, parabens traces were found in 19 out of 20 female breast cell. The study did not prove parabens cause breast cancer. However it has proven that parabens are able to enter human body, and remain in human body for a long period of time.

The existence of parabens in human body, disrupts hormonal imbalance. This is because parabens mimics estrogen, and too much estrogen in body triggers excessive breast cell division and growth of tumor.

This is the reason of why parabens might affect female reproductive system as well.

Make Educated Decision for Your Skincare Routine

Although under United States FDA ‘safe until proven unsafe’ stance, we still recommend avoid using skincare products that contain parabens.

On the other hands, when looking for ‘parabens-free’ skincare products, also please beware that some products use other chemical synthetic that might cause skin irritation.

We recommend opt for natural plant based skincare products which can produce greater benefits in the long run. Browse for our plant-based skincare products, in here you do not need to juggle between ingredient list and healthy skin.

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