Benefits Of The Mulberry Leaf On Skin

mulberry leaf benefits on skin

Growing up in Malaysia, mulberry trees are a pretty common sight. But I soon find out that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to these trees. On the outside they just seem like normal trees bearing cute little mulberries but in fact they are one of the longest used plants for medicinal purposes. The leaves of the mulberry plant are especially rich in antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, E and Riboflavin. All of which are very beneficial vitamins for our skin. 

It is so packed with goodness that people actually use it as a natural alternative to skin lightening products. Instead of using chemical based products which contain Hydroquinone and Mercury (both harsh ingredients to the skin), people start turning to this natural remedy. Not only can the mulberry leaf extract brighten skin it also has the ability to lighten dark spots and pigmentations caused by sun exposure or ageing.

How Does The Mulberry Leaf Extract Do All That? 

In our cells, the active enzyme called tyrosinase is responsible for the production of melanin (better known as pigmentation) in our body. What the mulberry leaf extract does is it slows down or prevents this enzyme from producing melanin. Therefore effectively preventing hyperpigmentation from appearing on the upper layers of the skin. 

Not only that, the mulberry leaf extract is also a nutritious ingredient. The vitamins and antioxidants as mentioned previously can help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to protect it from UV rays. This also helps reduce free radical damage to the skin. Free radical damage has been known to cause ageing acceleration, loss of skin elasticity and lines and wrinkles to appear. However antioxidants work best when it is both consumed and applied topically, use both for best results! Be sure to add more berries to your cart on your next round of grocery shopping. 

Mulberry Leaf Extract Benefits

So in case you missed out on its benefits to the skin, here’s a recap and a full list of it.

  • Lightens dark spots and skin discolouration
  • Improves the appearance of uneven skin tones
  • Helps to protect the skin from environmental factors
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • Reduces signs of premature ageing
  • Creates a lovely, radiant and glowing complexion


There is so much that the mulberry extract has to offer for your skin. So don’t miss out on all these good and natural benefits from just the simple mulberry tree. The good thing is, CALM series from Herbbies are all made by mulberry leaf! So you can find all the benefits of mulberry leaf in Herbbies CALM series Facial & Body Oil and Treatment Focus Oil as well!

When you are on a look out for your next skincare, do keep this in mind! Stay healthy, stay natural.

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