Benefits of Mugwort to Skin

benefits of mugwort to skin

To all you Harry Potter fans out there we hate to disappoint you but mugwort has nothing at all to do with the wizarding world. But I must say, it does have some magical properties of its own. Especially when it comes to skin care.

Well, What Is Mugwort? 

Mugwort is actually a plant, or rather, a weed. However it is unlike any other weed, it is a weed of potential. Mugworts mostly grow in Asia and Europe. It is also known as Artemisia, a name you would more commonly find listed in skincare products. Mugworts have been used for centuries by herbal practitioners, through oral consumption or topical application. People have been using it for medicine, skin care and even cooking. 

Mugwort have been widely used for centuries by herbalist, in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and western alternative medicine.

Mugwort And Skincare

The reason behind this multipurpose plant is that it is loaded with healing and nourishing properties. It works especially well for sensitive and dry skin, even for acne-prone skin. When it comes to acne the antibacterial and antifungal properties not only combat acne but at the same time heals and soothe the affected skin. Although there are currently not enough clinical trials and researches to test mugwort on acne, it has been proven to decrease inflammation. The antibacterial components in mugwort are good enough to kill bacteria and help treat breakouts.

Mugwort contains anti-inflammatory properties as well, this helps soothe dry and irritated skin effectively. These agents help reduce the redness and itch in skin, which is why mugwort is also good for people with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. The vitamin E inside mugwort is a great component that helps retain moisture, keeping the skin supple and healthy. 

The antioxidants available in mugwort also works as a barrier for our skin. This barrier can help protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Another interesting fact is that mugwort can actually stimulate our skin to produce more collagen, which in turn reduces the appearances of wrinkles or fine lines on our skin. This leaves the skin feeling smoother and more radiant. 

Mugwort is Magic!

All in all, there is no denying that there is indeed magic in this small little weed called the mugwort. With proper use and extraction, we will be able to harness all the beneficial properties of mugwort. It is indeed one of nature’s greatest gifts to us. An all natural powerful skin care ingredient that we need to keep at hand both as a remedy and as a nourishment product for our skin. 

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